AROB Census Coordinator appointed

Members of the Autonomous Bougainville Administration

The autonomous Region of Bougainville (AROB) now has a regional census coordinator who will work with the National Statistical Office and key stakeholders on the ground in the coordination of the 2020 census for the region.

The appointment was done by members of the Autonomous Bougainville Administration and was announced on the 21st of June 2019 following a consultative meeting with officers from the National Statistical Office (NSO) from Port Moresby in Buka.

The officers from the NSO in meeting with the with the AROB Administration, presented an overview of the 2020 census approach, its relevance to AROB and how best census resources can be best mobilized by the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) and NSO to enhance the coordination of the 2020 census in the region.

One of the key agendas discussed was the need for the AROB to establish an AROB Census Coordinator immediately to join the rest of the provinces of Papua New Guinea (PNG) in coordinating the region’s National Population and Housing Census.

The Census coordinator will be a focal contact person who will bridge ABG and NSO on the coordination of census operations for the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

Rennie Moat from NSO said: “Due to time limitations and to prepare for a Provincial Census Coordinators’ workshop to take place in few weeks’ time, the appointment of the census coordinator is urgently required”.

“When appointing the candidate, key technical requirements such as knowledge of public service and ABG governance system, previous experiences in census data collection and surveys and can address issues amicably on the ground must be considered to ensure a qualified person is appointed”, Mr. Moat said.

The AROB Administration was pleased with NSO’s consultation given the relevance of the 2020 census and as a step forward agreed to appoint a Census Coordinator for AROB the following day of the meeting.

“Your consultation with the ABG administration on the 2020 census is timely as the Autonomous Region of Bougainville is preparing for its independence referendum”, said Ms. Nancy Warkia, ABG’s Director for Strategic Planning and Policy Coordination.

“With the new appointment of the AROB census coordinator, we look forward to work closely in ensuring that the census operations in the AROB are successfully implemented”, she said.

Mrs. Hajily Kele, Deputy Director of the NSO’s Census 2020 Project thanked the ABG Administration and all the Heads of Department present on behalf of NSO for the fruitful discussions and their positive response in the consultative meeting.

She added that it is important for the region to take onboard plans and discussions held as a way forward.

The 2020 census will be a whole of a government approach exercise utilizing existing government structures across the country led by the National Statistical Office.