Office kickstarts Census 2020 pre-test

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Residents at Gordon Ridge, in Port Moresby listening attentively to NSO field officer Ms. Delailah Mand during the household listing pre-test

Port Moresby-04 June 2019

The National Statistical Office (NSO) kickstarted a three-days census pre-test household listing exercise from the 30th May to 01st June in the National Capital District (NCD) and Central Province.

The pre-test was aimed at testing field instruments for data collection in preparation for the upcoming National Population and Housing Census; 2020 Census.

The tests have been carried out in five locations within the Central Province and NCD including Kido village and Jensens Farm in Kairuku Hiri district while three suburbs visited by the NSO census unit team last week were Vabukori village and Daure Cresent, Gordon.

The 2020 census is a two-tier operation nationwide, which is the listing followed by the enumeration process.

The test instruments have five approved forms for survey, they are: Household listing form; Census unit register update form (CURUF); Household record card (HRC); Non-private dwelling (NPD) and; Social economic condition study (SECS)/community questionnaire.

These instruments will be utilized in collation and processing of population and housing data.

Deputy National Statistician (NSO) and Census 2020 Director Mr. Bernard Kiele said that the pre-test exercise was to achieve accuracy, quality and efficiency in the 2020 census enumeration.

“The pre-test is an effective method of checking if the field instruments work properly and whether if they are better understood by the people in both urban and rural areas”.

“This exercise will assist NSO field officers to check for glitch in wording, flow of questions and any factor that can impede the field instruments’ ability to collect data” Mr. Kiele said.

As a step to improve the accuracy, efficiency and quality of data collection, the NSO is also working to utilize appropriate computer aided technologies such as mobile applications and drones in the collection and processing of data.

This is expected to reduce operational costs and alleviate data collection and processing issues which were commonly experienced in the past census operations.

Census 2020 Director Mr. Bernard Kiele addressing the media on the background and relevance of the pre-test

“Once this (pre-test household listing) is completed, we will bring provincial census coordinators appointed by their administrators and they would be the ones that will carry out the census in their provinces, districts LLG and the ward level and they will be supported by that arrangement both political and administrative structure in their provinces,” Mr. Kiele said.

Mr. Kiele clarified that in a village, the listing will be just one village, however, when it comes to census enumeration, it will be 50 household per person to check and they will tally all individual information and register them for the enumeration process and good instructions must be provided for teams in the provinces, villages, and wards in the country.

Meanwhile, the overall census operation budget is slightly over K200 million. The listing operation will cost close to K90 million to carry out.

Mr. Kiele said most of the provinces have already appointed their officers accept for Bougainville which a team will be visiting to witness the appointment.